A message that you’ll never will recieve.

by fragilecarnation

Is this a true goodbye? Have I really gone and fucked it up this time? Why can’t you be like the rest, why cant it be easy for me just to forget you. Why must it be now that I finally feel this way, when now I can’t even hold your hand, or kiss your soft lips, or love you the way I know you always should have been loved. Why did it take me so long to realize I was truly in love with you, why did it take me this long to realize all those tears you shed of pain that Ive caused were actually real. I’m sorry about it all, I’m sorry about all the abuse I’ve caused you all the unnecessary drama we had. I learned to late. I learned to late that you are such a fragile soul, a beautiful one and that must, an honest person, an easy going lover. I was something special to you, I had to have been, in order for you to stick around with me for so long.

But now your heart is with someone new, a girl that is filthy to everyone around her except for you, she seems pure, she seems flawless, lovely, divine, the perfect one for you. In reality shes not so nice, shes not so flawless, she holds a demon of jealously and hidden anger, she thrives to see others in pain; Others, who, is me.

My heart is in complete heartache.
as I know, in time it will repair.
Time that I unfortunately do not have.